Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TAN Driver Blog - Brandon Booher - TAD

Well hello, TANation, long time no type. The season is nearly half over and we haven't hurt a single part! We haven't pulled the car out of the shop, actually. I'm learning it's cheaper this way. I've really missed being out there and seeing my racing family but just something we had to do. We are General Contractors by trade; we build custom homes and do high-end remodels. It's no secret the housing market (high end construction especially) is in the toilet. Near the end of last year we had two large contracts dry up on us out of nowhere. These were homes that were ready to build and fund the racing habit. When those weren't there anymore we had to take a step back and evaluate. We've never raced on credit cards so we decided to sit out until we could race like we know we need to. We've learned a lot in the last two years, mainly what parts need to be present. Racing loses quite a bit of the "fun" part when you have to run around and borrow parts. We decided from that point forward if we didn't have both barrels loaded we'd stay home from whatever race.

I was told my presence was inquired upon at the Joliet Divisional, presumably this was because I wasn't running from trailer to trailer with sleeves and pistons!...”where is he?” The sabbatical of sorts has an upside though. In November I proposed to my best friend; you've probably seen her at the races (Shannon Pappas). This is my corporate America girl who can run the bottom end as quick as any guy out there. She keeps me grounded not only in racing, but my personal life as well. The time off has given me time to help her plan our December wedding. I'm not going to lie, wedding planning is pretty fun! A whole day devoted to the bride and groom...mostly the bride...I will be there though! We pretty well have everything wrapped up planning wise. She is organized beyond belief...makes me look good!

 Since the planning is under control, we may actually make an appearance at a race or two this season. The car is pretty well ready to rock, maybe the US Nationals or Maple Grove, we shall see. I will be in Joliet for the national event. Shannon's parents live about 5 minutes away (<--free hotel). It will be great, no work...just drinking all of Thacker's Diet Coke! I'm actually hoping to get in the booth and do some announcing...who do I contact about that? Maybe I can just buy an ESPN shirt off eBay and walk in? Well I wish I had more to tell you all...I was in the heat all day today so I'm ready for bed. Once we get things a little closer to being ready to go I'll be sure to post again. Have a great summer everyone!

Brandon is the driver of the AB Construction Top Alcohol Dragster. Follow him on Twitter at @BooherRacing.

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