Monday, June 25, 2012

TAN Driver Blog - Greg Hunter - TAD

We had a great time in Denver at Bandimere Speedway! It was the first race of the year I was able to have my kids at the track and we also had a nice hospitality area for some Exactair Customers and friends. After the first session we were #1! We didn't have a great run, blowing the burst panels out, but everyone else had trouble too. It felt really cool to be #1 for a day! Saturday morning the weather looked like it turned for the worse but it cleared up and we made our second qualifier. It was better but same result, burst panels out of it just after I put it in high gear. The crew figured out what the problem was and had the car ready for the final qualifier when we had to shut the car off after the burnout because of a fuel leak. It is really tough to shut the car down right when you are getting ready to stage! I am very grateful for my awesome crew who spotted the fuel leak and kept the car safe! So we slipped from 1st to 4th going into Sunday Eliminations. I felt good because I knew that the Kenny Gilmour Motorsports/Exactair Crew had the car ready for 1st round! 

We a good solid run and we got by the DMP Awnings car with a 5.77. After all the wind in Denver, we are looking to buy one of those DMP awnings for our trailer! Going into second round we knew we had our hands full with Jim Whiteley. They are one of the fastest cars in the country and they have a lot of great people working on those cars. I have to admit that I was a little amped up and turned on the red light. I wanted to cut a really good light and get out on him! I was out on him and I started to think something happened to him when I didn't hear him until I saw the win light in his lane. That is when things got exciting! I pulled the chutes and they came out but did not blossom. I got the car slowed down before the sand but I still had to put the car on the beach! We didn't hurt anything but we had a lot of cleaning to do!

Overall the weekend was really good. We made some good clean runs and didn't hurt anything and the crew is really getting a handle on the tune-up! Just in time to go to the great Route 66 Raceway next weekend in Chicago! I can't wait! I am truly blessed to have such a great ride and a great crew! I am also so very grateful to have my wife Staci's support in driving the Exactair/Kenny Gilmour Motorsports Dragster. I couldn't do this without her!

Greg Hunter is the driver of the ExactAir/Kenny Gilmour Motorsports Top Alcohol Dragster.

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