Saturday, July 27, 2013

TAN Driver Blog - Johnny Ahten - TAD

As I write this I’m at the fire station in the evening after we finished cleaning up from dinner.  We live at the fire station 1/3 of our lives; we cook, eat, exercise, train and fight fire together.  It is my family away from home. In a lot of ways it is similar to the crews in drag racing.  They always say there has to be chemistry on a drag racing team and it’s no different here with my fire brothers. 

I have been completely overwhelmed preparing for the Seattle national and regional events.  My dad, as usual is busy in the shop, and Shark and I have been super busy servicing the Freightliner toter for our road trip.  We overhauled the wiring, serviced the engine, cooling, A/C, bathroom, etc.  And you know I had to keep my wife happy while I’ll be gone so we installed new granite counters this past week too.  I really wanted to bring mama and the kids with me, but the timing just didn’t work out.  We usually bring the motor home with the family to Sonoma and stay at the track.  It is my wife’s favorite track to visit.  The kids love to go to Discovery Kingdom on Monday too!  It’s a bummer that there isn’t one regional race for an Alcohol car in the home state of the NHRA!  What’s up with that?  When I started Alcohol dragster in 2004 we attended Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fontana, and Sonoma.

We attended the Nitro Night of Fire in Bakersfield as a test session and that place was packed!  It was the maiden voyage for our newer truck and trailer and we have been working on resolving some tire shake issues.  Things went well, so I hope we can continue progressing in Seattle. Well, look for us in Seattle. Come by and say hi!  Check us out on instagram - ahtenracing, and Facebook, Johnny Ahten Racing.


Johnny Ahten is the driver of the Island Renovations/Fireman's Brew A/Fuel Dragster. Find Johnny and the Ahten Racing team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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